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A Men’s Guide To Buying The Right Cologne

Colognes are a man’s best friend when it comes to staying on-top of the world. Colognes see the most upgrades on the ‘beauty’ counter of a fashion forward man. Yet, there are some who have been using the same old aftershave since their college days. No one is judging, but isn’t it time you upgraded? Finding the right cologne isn’t an intimidating prospect anymore!

When looking for the right cologne, think about the following: Read More

3 Rules To Wear A Fragrance The Right Way

A dab on wrists or a spray here and there isn’t enough. When it comes to perfumes, you have to use the scent to your advantage. Its rich undertones should perfectly mingle with your style.

A carefully chosen fragrance will boost your mood and increase your charm. It can set the right atmosphere for friendly workplace or sensual evening parties.

Perfumes very subtly give you a chance to work your charm. So wear your perfume the right way! Read More

Summer Fragrances: 5 Perfumes You Need!

With sunny days and relatively warmer nights, summer is still not over! Before the wintery winds replace the summer sun, enjoy these bright, sun-drenched days.

Warm summer nights demand perfection. So switch out your light, flowery scents for much stronger and louder fragrances. It’s time to be rebellious with a touch of sensuality against the hot weather. Read More